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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Well, I don't want it to say "no posts" anymore...

It turns out that I watch a lot of horror movies. Really, a lot of them. It's a genre that holds so much appeal: a few of the horror films out there are absolutely amazing films in every way, but the majority of them that are total crap? Those are often hilarious. And my boyfriend and I have discovered the beauty of Hastings, which has movie rentals for 50 cents/night, and of course Netflix and its endless catalog. So we tend to go through movies at a rate of at least one or two a night. And let me tell you, some are AWFUL. I feel I should share the entertainment and the pain that comes from these.

And then I realize that this means we're going to have to RE-WATCH some of these pieces of cinematic shit, and I realize that this might not have been such a brilliant idea. (It also probably means I should stop napping through the middles of the worst ones we get...)